Pranayama: Breathe in Peace

Melissa’s Rap: Pranayama, control of the breath, is the basic foundation of any yoga practice. Sometimes it is your yoga. It is that important and that impactful of a practice. Focusing on your breath alone is so powerful, it can have profound effects on one’s health, both mentally and physically.  Continue reading

Yoga for Stress Relief


Melissa’s Rap: The topic of Yoga for Stress Relief may seem a bit redundant, since yoga is known for reducing stress more than anything else. Perhaps it is, but as a yoga instructor and a woman who has dealt with chronic anxiety for much of my life, I do feel that some poses and practices are more effective than others in reducing stress in one’s life.
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You are worthy! Make self-care a priority.


Sarah’s Rap: As I decide what positive habits I’d like to foster in the New Year, one thing I really want to focus on is self-care and ensuring that I make it a priority in my life. This is very important to my healing, sanity and happiness at home and work. Although the habits we each want to cultivate differ based on who we are as individuals and what our needs are, I believe that everyone needs to make time for self-care to be healthy. Self-care, as the name implies, is “care provided for you, by you. It’s about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It is taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture you. Self-care is about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others.” *

Does this sound like a foreign concept or an impossible task? As a working mom, I totally understand that setting aside time for relaxation, fun, exercise, meditation, massage or whatever activity one considers as downtime can be impossible to fit in. Well read-on, my friends, and learn more about why self-care is so important and how we can use habits to incorporate more self-care into our day. Continue reading

Guest Rap: “The Rules of Meditation Club”, a poem by Pete Bachman

The 1st rule of Meditation Club is: Compassion.
The 2nd rule of Meditation Club is: We treat ourselves with kindness.
The 3rd rule of Meditation Club is: We put our heads into the dragon’s mouth.
The 4th rule of Meditation Club is: We cannot fix ourselves.
The 5th rule of Meditation Club is: We sit up straight.
The 6th rule of Meditation Club is: We shift a little on our cushion.
The 7th rule of Meditation Club is: A rushing brook in the mountains of Hokkaido.
The 8th rule of Meditation Club is: Snow falling softly on a meadow in Argentina.
The 9th rule of Meditation Club is: We lose count of the rules of Meditation Club.
The 10th rule of Meditation Club is: There are no rules of Meditation Club.
The final rule of Meditation Club is: There is no dragon. Continue reading