Be The Change You Want to see in Yourself

Sarah’s Rap: Everyone has likely heard the oft-used quote by Mahatma Ghandi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” I’ve always loved this and try to live by it best I can. I try to treat others as I wish to be treated, I do what I can for the environment, and have a passion for helping others to grow and succeed.

But I’ve also had a personal motto that I try to follow over the years:

No one will make you happy but yourself.

Sticking to this hasn’t always come easy, but whenever I find myself struggling with dissatisfaction, I’ve tried to remind myself of this and use it to motivate me to make a change. This motto means two things to me:

  • Even if I have everything I ever wanted, I may still not be happy unless I let myself. I can receive love, money, security, a family, or whatever I desire, but if I continue to think negative thoughts, don’t take time to appreciate what I have, carry around anger or resentment, never feel good-enough, etc, I won’t truly be happy.
  • If I am unhappy about my circumstances, it is up to me to make changes to get to a desired state. If I am unhappy with my job, I cannot expect someone to read my mind, the perfect job to fall into my lap or some other miracle to occur in which the desired job is attained. Instead I’m much better taking action myself that will help me to reach my goal. In the end, I’ll actually be all the more happier for reaching it, by having taken control and gone after what I need.

The first interpretation is the one I struggle with the most. I’ve actually become quite adept at the second – it actually gets easier the more one does it. I imagine the first does as well, but I’m still working on it.

Over the last seven years of suffering from gut dysbiosis, Leaky Gut, SIBO and other digestive ailments, I’ve subconsciously expanded my motto to also include:

No one will make you healthy but yourself.

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Healthy Habits, Here We Come!

A new year! We've got this!CROP.png

Happy New Year everyone! If you are like us, you have started past years with a list of things you want to start (or stop) doing in order to be a better person or shape a better life for yourself. And, if you are like us, that list was all but forgotten by February 1st. It’s about time we tried another approach, don’t you think?

Instead of making a list of actions or behaviors you wish to implement or change, consider creating healthy habits that can help you achieve your goals. According to the Encarta English Dictionary, a habit is a “regularly repeated behavior pattern: an action or pattern of behavior that is repeated so often that it becomes typical of somebody, although he or she may be unaware of it.” A healthy habit is one that benefits our health, physically and emotionally.

Over the next few weeks, we will help you learn steps for creating healthy habits and provide tips on self-care, self-talk, sustenance (physical and mental nourishment), fitness and more. Stay tuned for posts on how to create a plan, track your progress, rewire your habits, create intention, raise self-awareness and respect your resistance, prioritize self-care, and so much more. If you are tired of reliving the same resolution cycle each January where you end up right where you started, then we hope you will join us this month for a series that can revolutionize your habits, help you achieve your goals and jump start your year.

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