Guest Post Guidelines

In order to keep with the mission of The Sister Rap and to maintain consistency, we have a few guidelines for guest posts:


HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR WRITING: Please email the post to for review. We will respond to all submissions, with the exception of sponsored post requests (see below). If you do not hear back from us, please send us a message via email or our social media sites to follow up.

WORD COUNT: There is no specific word count, but we encourage an organized format that flows nicely and is easy to read.

CITING SOURCES: Whenever possible, cite reputable sources to give your post legitimacy.

APPROVAL PROCESS: The Sister Rap reserves the right to review your post(s) before publishing and may make suggestions or request minor changes. These will usually be grammatical or spelling errors, but could also include other suggestions.

EXCLUSIVITY: Guest posts will be published only on and related social media accounts owned by The Sister Rap, unless otherwise discussed. Guest posts by bloggers may be used on the writer’s personal blog, but only after it has been published to The Sister Rap. We require a link back to the original post when using any material produced for our site.

BIO: Each guest post will include a bio and photographer of the author. Please provide a photograph of yourself and include a bio that is 3-5 sentences long.

IMAGES: If you have a picture or image that you have taken or have permission to use that goes with the theme of the post that you would like included, please include that in your email.

SPONSORED POSTS: We do not allow sponsored posts. Requests for these types of posts will not be responded to and blocked.

DISCLAIMER: All guest posts will include the following disclaimer at the bottom: The opinions and views expressed in guest posts are those of the writer and may not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of The Sister Rap or other guest rappers.