Paleo Strawberry Shortcake

Sarah’s Rap: My family and I have been very fortunate this summer berry season as my organic strawberry plants have born a boatload of sweet, fresh fruit. I filled 2 2’x4′ raised garden beds with strawberry plants two years ago and they barely gave up a pint each season those years. This spring they took off finally, filling out nicely and growing tall, full of white flowers that turned into berries as the summer heat came on. We’ve reaped an estimated six pounds of the juicy red berries this year, spread out over several weeks, and there are more to come! I’m in berry heaven!

I considered making strawberry jam but to be honest we’ve been eating them too fast to have much left each week for jam. But Strawberry Shortcake? That we can do! And even better…a Paleo version that is high in protein for a satisfying and healthy treat. Continue reading

LOVEly Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

Sarah’s Rap: Sugary treats in my house are a rare event these days, but on special occasions I do like to give my boys a treat. These gluten-free sugar cookies were a big hit and they had no idea that I had snuck in a little butternut squash and replaced the wheat flour with gluten-free and almond flours. If you’re looking for a special treat for your loved ones, give these a try.

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