Unraveling a Medical Mess

Melissa’s Rap: When one suffers from an autoimmune or other chronic condition (or several), a new doctor can bring hope as well as fear. Hope that THIS is the one; the doctor who will finally find what works so you can function in your life. Fear that they will 1) not understand, 2) put your current treatment at risk and 3) will implement treatments that do more damage than good.

Recently I started a new job and with it came a new insurance company. The new company doesn’t cover my old primary care physician (PCP), so I had to find another one. This is a scary prospect when you have as many health conditions as I do. I have been laughed out of the office by a PCP who didn’t believe I had Lyme disease, even though I had it in black and white: CDC-positive. I have had to fight to stay on medications that have made a tremendous difference in my symptoms, because that doctor didn’t support that brand/treatment/dosage, etc. Many PCP’s don’t know what to do with me because I have so many things going on, it is difficult to know what to treat and how those treatments interact with each other.

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Guest Rap: “Gratitude for the Journey” by Ramona Crabtree-Falkner, RYT, Reiki Master,Liife Coach, LMT

I have, for many years of my life, just trudged through and pushed forward with all my might. This aggressive approach was instilled in me as a child that you just “tough it out”! I can say I have mastered the art of toughing it out, so much so that it has caused me great sorrow and pain not only in my mental and emotional bodies but in my physical body. All of this came to a screeching halt a few years ago when I was suffering in so many ways that life seemed impossible and quite honestly I did not want to continue on this way anymore.

It was time to make changes and to be willing to let go of experiences and expectations I had of myself. I began to make these changes and it seemed I was constantly needing to change things because it was never enough. I was so resentful of my life experiences I just wanted things to be easier and I struggled with finding and staying in my joy. These struggles began to lessen once I was really willing to see what I really needed to let go of. Continue reading

Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia Bordering on Lobular Carcinoma In-Situ

Melissa’s Rap: When I was 21, I discovered a lump in my breast. After multiple doctors appointments, mammograms and ultrasounds, my doctor decided I should have it surgically removed. Before the surgery, doctors found another lump in my other breast. So, I had bilateral biopsies. Thankfully, both were benign. Ever since that year, I have had at least one mammogram with a follow up ultrasound each year. They always find something, which results in additional mammograms, ultrasounds and ultimately surgeries or needle  biopsies. It has been 21 years of waiting for bad news.

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Melissa’s Health Story

14From a young age, my health has been a roller coaster of sorts. I am grateful that the things I have had to deal with are what they are. I am clear that many suffer from far worse ailments. But, I do hope that my story helps me connect with others who have had similar experiences, and sheds some light on what it is like to live with multiple chronic conditions.

When I was 10, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, curvature of the spine. My spine was and still is an S. Despite my doctor’s attempts, we couldn’t seem to slow the process, so when it degraded to a 60° curve on the bottom and a 30° curve on top, he recommended surgery. When I was 12, I underwent a surgery called Harrington rod implantation with fusion. Three rods were fused to my spine to prevent it from curving further, and to minimize the current curvature. My curvature went down to 15° and 30°. Continue reading

Sarah’s Health Story

Leaky Gut

  I have suffered from several medical issues in recent years which have deeply impacted my life. I’d like to share my health journey thus far, in hope that my story can help others with similar conditions to find a path to wellness. I am not out of the woods yet, so if you suffer from similar ailments, please share what works for you! Until I found groups of people on Facebook that suffered from similar conditions, I felt alone, depressed and unsure what to do. I firmly believe that we need a network of people to recover from illness, whether it be for support, to vent, get advice or just to let loose and have some fun. Together we can heal!  Continue reading