Minimize to Maximize

Sarah’s Rap: Thank you Mother Nature! Springtime has FINALLY arrived! This is thedaffodil first time since we moved to the Pacific Northwest 3 years ago that I’ve hoped for the end of chilly weather. I’ve craved sunshine on my face, walks that don’t require winter coats and scarves and the sight of flowers blooming in my garden. Today the sun felt wonderful and the first daffodil in my front beds showed its pretty face. Spring always infuses me with a burst of energy after a season of indoor comforting (lazy) activities like reading, playing board games, snuggling under a fluffy blanket and eating hearty foods. As soon as I’m done with this post, I’m hitting the walking trail! My jeans are feeling the effects of all that winter excess.

In addition to luring me outside, springtime also gives me the energy to purge stuff and downsize. I’m not alone in this desire to have a fresh and tidy house and car. Spring cleaning is so popular that it has its own Wikipedia page! Its a great time to air out our houses and to sort unwanted possessions from our closets and drawers, but those are not the only places that can benefit from a thorough round of tidying. Many parts of our life can benefit from reduction in clutter and rubbish– house, car, office/work area,  eating habits, thinking/mind, habits, relationships, To Do lists and more. Sometimes embracing simplicity and minimization can lead to maximum happiness and enjoyment. So as you embrace springtime in your part of the world, I hope that you can take time to breath in the fresh, crisp air, not only into your lungs, but also into your mind and heart. Lighten your loads, both physically and mentally, and enjoy the freedom that minimalism (or your version of it) can bring.


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